RST Graduate Student Qian Li Wins Prestigious Award from Chinese Government

Qian Li, a doctoral student working with Professor Zhuowei (Joy) Huang at the Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism , is the recipient of the highly-selective 2016 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad. Only 501 students worldwide were selected for the honor, which is awarded by the China Scholarship Council(CSC).

The award recognizes the academic excellence of non-government-funded Chinese students studying overseas in 32 countries and is granted across all fields of study. Only those with outstanding performance in their doctoral studies are considered by the award selection panel, and no more than 501 young talents will be granted the award each year all over the world. The Chinese government founded the award in 2003, and it is sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The recipients will receive a $6000 prize.

Qian is the first student in the Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism to win this prestigious award. On April 27th 2017, Qian received the award at the ceremony held by the Consulate General of People’s Republic of China in Chicago.

This award is a recognition of Qian’s research accomplishment in tourism marketing, consumer behavior, and applications of big data technology in marketing research.

Qian expressed gratitude to her adviser, Professor Zhuowei (Joy) Huang. Qian has collaborated with Prof. Huang on several research projects. Their recent work on consumers’ visual attention to advertising pictures and personality effects on perceived advertising effectiveness have been published on Tourism Management and Annals of Tourism Research.  Previously, Qian also received the Clean Energy Education Fellowship from the Graduate School of University of Illinois and Epsilon Big Data Scholarship from Alliance Data Systems Corporation.

Qian Li presented with certificate from Chinese Consul General hong Lei

Chinese Consul General HONG Lei confers the award to Qian