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Kaylee Thompson: Travels in Thailand

Junior RST major Kaylee Thompson recently traveled to Thailand to study, volunteer, and experience Thai culture. Check out her amazing photos! Here's what she had to say about her trip:

"I went to Thailand with GIVE Growth International Volunteer Excursions for volunteer abroad experience and to be immersed in the Thai culture. I am super passionate about sustainable tourism and learning how to positively impact a host community when traveling to their home so this trip was everything I could've wanted and more. For two weeks I was in the Northern jungle of Thailand and got to be a part of SO many amazing cultural experiences like teaching English education to Thai students, working on a permaculture site with a local farmer, and trekking for elephants with the Mahouts. It was all about building sustainable relationships with the local Thai people and was definitely the most impactful part of the trip."

Kaylee takes five from a 3-year-old girl
Kaylee Thompson caressing the trunk of am elephant