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Kimberly Shinew, Ph.D.


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Ph.D., Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management , Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina, 1993

Research and Professional Interests

Dr. Shinew's research efforts focus on studying marginalized populations. Most of her research has focused on the leisure behavior of racial and ethnic minorities, particularly African Americans and Latino(a)s. More specifically, she seeks to delineate the complex relationships between race/ethnicity and leisure behavior and services. Her research also examines issues affecting the leisure behavior and services of women. In her research, she strives to highlight the constraints and other factors that can make leisure and leisure services problematic for marginalized populations, and the parallel issues that can affect these groups.

  • Understanding unique and culturally-relevant leisure participation patterns and constraints among racial and ethnic minorities.
  • Investigating leisure spaces as sites for interracial integration and/or segregation.
  • Exploring physical activity as a leisure choice for racial and ethnic minorities.
  • Examining the leisure constraints women face and their resistance to these constraints, and the coping strategies they employ to develop satisfying leisure lifestyles.

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