Recreation, Sport and Tourism

Matt Browning, Ph.D., Assistant Professor ▼


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  • PhD. Forestry. Virginia Tech, 2015
  • MESc, Environmental Science, Yale University, 2012
  • BA, Biology, Oberlin College, 2005


Research and Professional Interests

Dr. Browning is interested in people’s connections and interactions with the natural world. His research focuses broadly on ways to evaluate and ultimately enhance the frequency, richness, and meaningfulness of these connections and interactions. His ultimate goal is to better understand in what ways nature might promote human health and well-being. He’s particularly interested in utilizing new and emerging technologies in his research, such as immersive experiences in virtual reality and psychological, physiological, and sociological data collection with mobile devices.

Many of Dr. Browning’s interests span social and natural sciences, and he attempts to overlay psychological or sociological frameworks on environmental management issues. Much of this work is conducted within nature-based recreation and environmental education contexts. Please see his curriculum vitae for information about awards, academic and professional honors, publications, and professional associations and certifications.